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Choir in concert at Parkview Room, Dec 2013

December 2013 concert, Parkview Room

  Carols Concert 2010  
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Ho Ro My Nut Brown Maiden

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Ride on Jesus, Ride

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Stout-hearted Men

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The Choir in the Chandelier Room, June 2011

President: Rod Benjamin

From our Winter Concert

13 June 2009

Conductor: Judith Chipman
Rod Benjamin
Judith Chipman
Chandelier Room
Hawthorn Town Hall

Our Accompanists

Our Accompanists 2009

Meredith Vincent
Ruth Muir
Patricia West

Choir's Winter Concert 2009



U3A Hawthorn Choir in concert

Photo taken on 6 December 2008 at the
U3A Hawthorn End of Year Party, Hawthorn Town Hall

U3A Choir Christmas Party 2008

Pam Young, Jeanette McArthur, Nola Matthews and Marion Brown
at the Choir Christmas Party, 2008

The Choir- part of a massed choir performance
Melbourne Town Hall, March 2003